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Amazing Roll-Off

Amazing Roll-OffThis powerful cleaner does just what its name says: It makes dirt just roll off!

Amazing Roll-Off is an appropriate name for this effective cleaner. Spray it onto a variety of surfaces and the dirt and grime will roll off with little effort from you. Originally developed for boaters to clean their canvas sails, this product has proven to be equally effective on canvas and vinyl convertible tops. And it will not degrade the water repellency. Amazing Roll-Off works on many other materials, too.

Amazing Roll-Off cleans and degreases tires and wheels, removing dirt, brake dust, and caked-on grime with ease. It is 100% acid-free so it won’t harm the rubber or the wheel. It brightens whitewalls and lettering without bleach and virtually without effort.

Amazing Roll-Off is tough enough to work as an engine degreaser and a fiberglass cleaner. It removes oil and diesel soot from engine parts and brightens them. It washes stubborn stains and sun-baked grime off vinyl siding, RV’s, and, of course, your vinyl or fabric convertible top.

The concentrated formula in Amazing Roll-Off is activated by water to deliver tough, instant cleaning action. Just spray water onto the surface to be cleaned. Spray Amazing Roll-Off onto the surface and watch the dirt roll off. Rinse the surface and you’re done. Only your absolute toughest stains will require scrubbing, but very little. Amazing Roll-Off is made to be effortless and effective.

Because Amazing Roll-Off is recommended for a variety of outdoor uses, its creators have taken great care in making the product safe for the environment. Amazing Roll-Off is bio-degradable, non-corrosive, rust inhibiting and ecologically safe.

This product will help prevent rust and repel dirt. Surfaces will stay cleaner longer and you will have to do less work. Amazing Roll-Off really is amazing at making dirt just roll off!

Available in a 32 oz. spray and 1 gallon refills.

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