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Canine CoversOrdinary seat covers tend to slip and tear when your dog travels with you. They say they’re made for animals, but your dog pulls out threads and burrows underneath the fabric – the cover might as well not be there at all!

Covercraft Canine Covers® are the cure for the common seat cover. These covers are made for dogs in particular and they can stand up to anything your pet dishes out. Covercraft’s Canine Covers® are water repellant, padded, breathable, non-slip, adjustable, and machine washable fabric covers for your back seat and cargo area. You can choose the Econo Rear Seat Protectors for quality protection at an affordable price, or you can go for Econo Plus, Custom or Semi-Custom. They all provide great protection for your seats and comfort for your pet, but some of the features vary. Click on an item of interest below to find out more.

Covercraft has three more options for the pet that can’t sit still. If you have selected a Custom Rear Seat Protector, you may also choose to add the CoverAll®. This is an additional piece of specialized fabric that attaches to the skirt of the seat cover and covers the floor and the rear of the front seats. Even if your dog stands up on the back of your seat, your upholstery is protected from dirty paw prints and sharp claws.

If you own an SUV or wagon and you’d prefer your dog to stay in the cargo area, consider the Cargo Area Travel Liner. It’s made out of the same durable fabric as the seat covers, but it is a soft, cushioned pad that covers the entire cargo area and the back of the rear seat. Just fold down your third row of seats and your pet will have plenty of room to roam.

Dogs love windows. Protect your door from scratches and doggie drool with a Door Shield. Available in 22” or 26” wide, this polyester panel hangs over the inside of the door and keeps it clean, dry, and scratch-free.

For dogs that enjoy relaxing in bed whether they’re at home or on the road, Covercaft makes “The Ultimate” Dog Bed. It’s 35” wide by 25” deep with fluffy bolsters on three sides. It’s also made out of the tough, water-resistant polycotton material so you can throw it in the back of your SUV when its time to hit the road. Zippers allow you to remove the padding and toss the cover in the washing machine.

Color options and features may vary. Read about each cover and choose one that suits your pet’s needs. Protect your vehicle and enjoy your dog’s company with Covercraft Canine Covers®.

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