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There's nothing like the hot summer sun to fade paint, crack rubber and destroy plastic and vinyl auto interiors. Likewise, the winter snow,as well as other exterior elements, can devastate the finish on your prized investment. Covercraft can help. With a cover for almost any weather condition and storage situation, there's no reason to let your car or truck bear the elements.

Who Should Use A Car Cover?

The answer to that question is - anyone who wants to keep their car or truck cleaner, newer looking and shinier. Anyone who wants to protect their vehicle from damaging UV exposure, acid rain, bird dropping and pollutants.

The best kind of car or truck covers are American Made, breathable, water resistant and sun-proof. If you are thinking about buying a car cover and it does not have these characteristics, do yourself a favor, don't buy it!

All Covercraft covers have these desirable qualities. The fabric should be chosen according to the type of use.

COVER FABRICS - Which One is Right for You?

Covercraft offer a wide selection of fabrics, to allow you to select the one that will meet your vehicle's protection needs and budget. Different fabrics offer different levels of protection performance, and some focus on protecting from a specific element, like intense sun exposure or dust. Our range of fabrics is based on over 35 years experience in manufacturing covers.

All Covercraft fabrics are "breathable" to allow good air circulation under the cover. That's important because it assures that any moisture or condensation under the cover can easily evaporate, and it also reduces heat build-up on hot days. Remember, rain water (not acid rain) won't hurt a vehicle's finish; it's UV rays and pollutants in the air that cause the most damage to the exterior and interior finish.

For example, good, basic protection is provided by the Multibond® / BLOCK-IT™ 200 Series fabric, while NOAH® and WeatherShield™ are more expensive and provide excellent all-weather protection. For paint protection from dust and dirt during indoor storage, consider tan flannel or Dustop®. If a cover is being used in an extreme sun environment, Sunbrella® may be the best cover to use. It all depends on the protection level you want to achieve, and the amount of money you want to budget to protect your investment. In the long run the cost of the cover is minimal compared to the replacement cost of what you are protecting. Remember, a cover not only protects BOTH the inside and outside of a vehicle, it also acts as a theft-deterrent by keeping the vehicle out of view to potential thieves.

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