Carnauba Car Waxes

Carnauba Car WaxesCarnauba wax is the standard in car enhancement and protection. This naturally occurring wax is used in car waxes, furniture waxes, floor waxes, candy coatings, and more thanks to its shiny appearance and protective qualities.

Carnauba wax has a natural resistance to heat and moisture, and it makes surfaces slick and shiny. A carnauba car wax leaves a clear, deep shine on the paint that guards against the elements for several weeks up to a few months, depending on the wax formulation.

Carnauba car waxes are known for their warmth and depth. Premium carnauba waxes make the paint look wet with sharp reflections. Select from paste, liquid, spray, or cleaner carnauba waxes. Superior’s wide selection by the industry’s most popular brands is sure to give your vehicle the perfect finish.

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My preferred auto wax, Collinite, is not as widely avaiable as I'd like (obviously, I have to order it on-line). Superior always has it in stock, and ships it well ... read more

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