DryingWater spots are a nuisance! But they are totally preventable. Many people stop short of drying their vehicle after a wash, and water spots inevitably form. They dull the overall shine and can permanently etch the paint. Once etching occurs, abrasive polishing may be the only way to improve them.

You can prevent all of this by simply drying your vehicle after every wash. We carry numerous drying towels, chamois, and devices to make drying your vehicle quick and easy. In this section you’ll find one of our favorite innovations – microfiber. Super gentle and absorbent, microfiber is taking the detailing world by storm! Read all about it in the pages below. We also carry the revolutionary Metro Vac N’ Blo, used by savvy detailers to blow excess water off their vehicles and bikes in 5 minutes or less. We have treated towels, glass towels, and the California Water Blade and Dry Blade. Everything you need is right here at your fingertips!

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My preferred auto wax, Collinite, is not as widely avaiable as I'd like (obviously, I have to order it on-line). Superior always has it in stock, and ships it well ... read more

Garrison, TX