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Foamaster Foam Wash Gun Free Bonus!

Foamaster Foam Wash Gun <font color=red>Free Bonus!</font>Special Offer! Receive a FREE 2oz. shampoo with your purchase of a Foam Gun. Limited Time Offer!

Provide maximum lubrication on your vehicle when you wash!

If your car soap falls flat before youíre finished washing, consider how youíre applying the soap. The foam requires oxygen to activate it. After all, whatís inside a bubble? Just air. Inside a bucket, only the top surface of the wash water is exposed to air so you donít get the full foaming potential of your car shampoo.

A foam gun, on the other hand, mixes the shampoo into the water and forces it through a nozzle where it is infused with air. The result is endless foam and a much reduced risk of wash-induced swirls!

The Foamaster Foam Wash Gun is the best in the business. With brass nozzle mechanisms and a chemical resistant reservoir, the Foamaster is built for frequent use by the most dedicated detailer.

The purpose of a foam gun is to cover the vehicle in thick, rich suds in order to provide maximum lubrication and scratch protection. When you pre-soak with the Foamaster, the soap immediately begins loosening dirt and grime on the paint surface. The high ratio of soap to water plus the even distribution of the foam ensures the safest, scratch-free wash possible.

Some detailers use the Foamaster while washing, as opposed to just as a presoak. This technique involves holding the foam gun in one hand and the sponge in the other hand. Spray the foam directly in the path of your sponge. Take care to avoid hitting the foam tip on the vehicle. With a little practice, youíll be washing like a pro!

* To increase the size and amount of suds, shake the reservoir vigorously.

The Foamasterís nozzle is constructed of brass for excellent durability using hot or cold water. The handle, foaming tip, and reservoir are all made of heavy duty plastic. The reservoir in particular is made from chemical resistant polyethylene. This is an industrial grade foam gun that is just as useful for cleaning commercial equipment as it is for cleaning your vehicle.

Multi-ratio Stem - The multi-ratio stem gives you five settings so you can adjust the dilution ratio of your shampoo. The chart below shows you the shampoo (oz.) to water (gal.) ratio based on the position of the stem.

Deflector - This piece can be used instead of the foam nozzle to deflect exiting water downward and into a wider path. This piece is best suited for spraying non-foaming cleaners over a broad area.

  • Accurately mixes and sprays foaming chemicals
  • Foam generating wand creates a thick, clinging foam
  • Detach handle for a powerful spray rinse
  • For cleaning, degreasing or disinfecting when a foam is desired to increase surface contact time
  • Easy to fill wide mouth, chemical resistant polyethylene quart or half gallon bottle
  • Built-in screen filters out sediment before it reaches your vehicle
*If you are going to use the Foamaster on your vehicle, use it exclusively for your vehicle to avoid cross contamination.

Operational Specifications
  • Water Pressure - 40 to 90 psi (for maximum accuracy 40 to 60 psi)
  • Output - 1-1/2 gallons per minute
  • Spray Pattern - Foaming attachment provides a fan spray, removes for a solid stream. Deflectors are available for fan spray patterns for non-foaming chemicals.
  • Anti-siphon - Protects water supply by preventing soapy water from siphoning back into the hose. (Note: a slight discharge of water from base of handle when water is turned off is normal and indicates anti-siphon is functioning properly.)
  • Customized Ratios - Can be set from 1oz. per gallon to 12 oz. per gallon. (Note: this range is affected by the viscosity of the chemical.)
* Rinse the nozzle and foaming tip well after every use to remove any soapy residue. This will keep soap from building up on the brass mechanisms.

The Foamaster connects to any standard garden hose. The better your water pressure is, the stronger your foam gunís spray will be.

If youíre worried about wash-induced swirls (and who isnít?) youíll love the Foamaster Foam Wash Gun. It lathers your vehicle in foam for a safe, simple, swirl-free wash.

The Foamaster Foam Wash Gun is available from two giant names in car care: Wolfgang and Pinnacle!

Choose from two sizes:
Quart Foam Gun w/ multi-ratio stem and deflector.
Half Gallon Foam Gun w/ multi-ratio stem and deflector.

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