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Forever Black

Forever BlackA dye to restore the deep black color to plastic, vinyl, and rubber.

The trim on your vehicle is one of the most sensitive areas of your vehicle. Because it is dark, it is prone to fading and discoloration if not properly protected. Many of the defects are on the trim before the vehicle leaves the factory. A man named Merrick Brown noticed this problem back in the nineties and developed a solution to keeping your trim Forever Black.

Forever Black is a water-based polymer dye that restores the deep black color to plastic, vinyl, and rubber that can become faded as your vehicle ages. The dye in Forever Black products is made with the highest quality cobalt available so that the color stays put like no other trim dressing on the market. And Forever Black protects your trim from the elements with a durable, dark finish that does not attract road grime or dirt. The black finish is so tough, UV rays will not fade your trim for 2 to 3 years after just one application.

Forever Black products are water-based and silicone-free, which means they are environmentally safe and will not leave an oily residue.

Forever Black produces three products to restore a deep black color to all your trim and tires while protecting them from future fading and discoloration.

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