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Foam Pad Cleaning

Foam Pad CleaningProtect your Pads!

Your polishing foam pads are an important investment, but when they are cleaned improperly, they can lose their effectiveness. Even more dangerous is the chance that your unclean foam or wool pad might cross contaminate or even scratch your paint when it is used again. Cleaning your polishing pads is a simple process involving few steps. Look below to learn more.

How to Clean your Pads

Wash pads as soon as possible. Tackling the problem immediately or soon after will yield the least resistance. The best product to restore pads is the Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. This chemical works best when combined with 4 gallons of water per scoop of concentrate. When you notice that your pad has become soiled, toss it into the bucket to soak. Pads containing waxes or polishes might require you to scrub them out with a brush. Allowing the wax to dry within the foam is not an option, as it will ruin your pad completely. The cleaning mixture is able to be stored for up to a week, but keep it covered in a Wolfgang Wash Bucket. The Gamma Seal® Lid will keep children and pets from investigating the contents. This will keep your cleaning solutions fresh and contaminant-free for your next wash. However, if the cleaning solution gets particularly dirty with one detail job, it’s best to start fresh the next time.

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