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Life Hammer Auto Escape Tools

Life Hammer Auto Escape ToolsInnovation, also called Nov 8 Safety, makes a number of devices to help you out of tight situations. Their slogan, “A Gift for Life” embodies their commitment to make products that both save lives and are built with such quality that they last a lifetime.

The company was founded on one product that continues to be a hugely popular – the Life Hammer. This remarkable tool was created to help people escape from their vehicles in the event of an accident. Sold in Europe well before it came to America, the Life Hammer shatters automotive glass and cuts through jammed seatbelts to free passengers from a potentially fatal situation. Since its introduction, the Life Hammer has been adopted by several law enforcement agencies across the country to rescue entrapped motorists.

Innovation also makes the Res Q Me Keychain Escape Tool that performs the same functions as the Life Hammer, but is more compact.

The Legal Limit Breathalyzer is the newest addition to the Innovation family. This one-time-use breathalyzer tells you in minutes if you are over the legal alcohol limit to drive. It hooks onto your keychain as a reminder to avoid drinking and driving.

Next to the seatbelt and airbags in your vehicle, these Innovation products are your best protection against the unthinkable. With these tools, your safety is in your hands.

C. Rubow, Edgewater, NJ. Purchased the Original Life Hammer, the price was better than I could find anywhere else. Arrived quickly and 100% satisfied.

Life Hammer In Action
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Life Hammer Window Break #1 Life Hammer Window Break #1
Life Hammer Window Break #2 Life Hammer Window Break #2
Life Hammer Window Safety Belt Cut Life Hammer Window Safety Belt Cut

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