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Lake Country Polishing PadsWhen buying foam pads for your machine polisher, look for Lake Country Polishing Pads to provide the highest quality, most user-friendly pads you can buy. Since 1977 Lake Country Foam Pads has been making pads for buffing and polishing, and they hold numerous patents related to their innovative pad designs.

Lake Country Foam Pads recognized the problems associated with machine polishing - such as heat build-up, backing plate interference, splatter – and they integrated solutions into their pads. Their Variable Contact Pads feature a concave center that pulls waxes and polishes to the center of the pad to prevent splatter as the pad rotates. The stepped buffing surface allows you to vary the level of pad-to-surface contact by increasing or reducing pressure. The curved edge makes polishing under mirrors and around molding easier than with an ordinary flat pad. The dense foam absorbs some of the heat generated by the polisher and the ample edge keeps the backing plate at a safe distance from your vehicle’s paint. All Lake Country Foam Pads pads have hook & loop backing to attach to any Velcro backing plate.

Patent Pending CCS Technology™ improves polish performance by slowing and controlling the rate of polish absorption. CCS stands for Collapsed Cell Structure, referring to the pockets of closed cells that dot the face of each CCS pad. Not only do these pockets reduce the amount of polish absorbed by the pad; they also serve as small reservoirs to hold polish until it’s needed on the work surface.

Lake Country Mfg pads measure from 4 inch to 6.5 inch for dual action polishers and come in many varieties: yellow cutting foam, orange light cutting foam, white polishing foam, and gray finishing foam. Read about these pads in depth under Dual Action Variable Contact 6.5 inch Foam Pads.

For circular polishers, Lake Country Manufacturing offers 7.5” and 8.5” Variable Contact Foam Pads. These pads are available in the same colors as the smaller pads with the addition of a blue final finishing foam pad. Circular polishing tends to involve more aggressive compounding, so the paint may require an additional step of finishing to restore the original shine and smoothness. Read more about these pads under Curved Edge Variable Contact Foam Pads.

Lake Country Foam Pads is the choice of more detailers because they had the operator in mind when designing their foam pads. With improved control, less splatter, and more paint-protecting features, Lake Country pads are the ideal accessories for machine polishing and buffing.

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