Leather Care

Leather CareLeather is one of the most luxurious, yet delicate, materials inside your vehicle. The warm glow, the smell, and the supple feel of leather make it a prized amenity among luxury vehicle owners. But those attributes can fade all too quickly without proper care.

Leather is just like skin in the sense that it needs to be cleaned and moisturized regularly to keep it young and fresh. Otherwise, it will begin a slow process of decomposition that results in hard, brittle, cracked leather that is neither comfortable nor inviting. To guard against the effects of age, we have compiled a long list of products to clean, hydrate, and protect leather.

With regular care, your leather interior can maintain its beauty for the life of your vehicle.

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My preferred auto wax, Collinite, is not as widely avaiable as I'd like (obviously, I have to order it on-line). Superior always has it in stock, and ships it well ... read more

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