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Micro-Restore Detergent

Micro-Restore DetergentMicrofiber is its own worst enemy. It draws dirt and oil into its absorbent weave and holds onto it. It just doesn’t know how to let go! This feature makes it excellent at cleaning but, eventually, it will run out of room for all that grime. Ordinary laundry detergents don’t fully remove the oily mess and commercial detergents can stiffen microfiber.

Micro-Restore is a powerful detergent designed specifically for microfiber. It has the cleaning strength to remove tough stains, yet it leaves microfiber feeling like new. The advanced formula releases grime from the woven fibers and leaves nothing in its place. Micro-Restore is not just a detergent; it’s a rejuvenating experience for your microfiber towels and tools!

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