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Paint and Surface Coatings

Paint and Surface CoatingsIn recent years, paint care has been revolutionized by the advent of permanent and semi-permanent paint coatings, trim coatings, wheel coatings, and glass coatings. These incredible surface coatings provide a higher level of protection that outlasts any traditional car wax or paint sealant. Paint and surface coatings bond more effectively creating a shell of protection designed to last months—or even years in some cases!

Early coatings were somewhat difficult to apply and sometimes even more difficult for consumers to find so in most cases, application was reserved for professionals only. Advancements in chemistry have allowed for the creation of formulas that are much easier to apply, and consumers have never seen a wider selection available. Ceramic, resin, and quartz-based formulas are all available in easy-to-apply products making the task of adding a layer of super-durable protection to paint, glass, wheels, or trim more accessible to all levels of detailers.

When compared to traditional car waxes and sealants, the difference is apparent. Paint coatings form a stronger, more durable bond, in essence becoming a part of the paint surface. This provides a higher level of protection that lasts much longer than traditional products. In fact, most paint coatings last at least a year and choosing a coating for your vehicle isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Some coatings are designed specifically for use on one type of surface, like glass or wheels, but many can be used on multiple surfaces making them an excellent choice for the budget conscious. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Surface Coating, for example, is a ceramic-based coating that adds an impermeable layer of gloss to your vehicle’s painted surfaces, glass, and wheels. Since Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Surface Coating is easy to apply and long-lasting, it is ideal for use by all skill levels. Fans of carnauba will appreciate a vehicle coated with Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Surface Coating and topped with their favorite carnauba wax.

Those seeking protection for up to two years (that’s up to 600 washes!), may choose to coat paint, gel coat, fabric, metal, stone, glass, or ceramics with GTechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating. This unique formula combines an inorganic quartz base with an organic high-gloss top coat to create a shield of protection and super glossy shine that last. GTechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating creates incredible water beading and resists damage from windshield wipers, regular washing, and UV exposure. Its incredible versatility has made it popular with many professionals and hobbyists alike.

Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0 Permanent Paint Coating could be the most popular permanent paint coating available today. This advanced-polymer system was once available exclusively to professionals, and this user-friendly formula is now available to the general public. Optimum Opti-Coat 2.0 Permanent Paint Coating coats paint, headlights, wheels, plastic trim, bumpers, aluminum, and chrome surfaces with a permanent layer of protection that will not wash off. This improves the scratch and chemical resistance of the surface protecting your vehicle’s good looks.

With so many options available, coating your vehicle’s paint, trim, wheels, and glass has never been easier. Whether you are a professional looking to expand your scope of services offered, or a car owner looking for a long-lasting alternative to traditional waxes and sealants, you will find the perfect solution for your needs in a permanent or semi-permanent paint coating.

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