Paint Sealants

Paint SealantsPaint sealants are completely synthetic products designed for long-term paint protection and easy application. Paint sealants are composed mainly of polymers, which last longer than any natural wax and are highly resistant to the elements. Synthetic liquid waxes are another way of describing paint sealants.

The main benefit of a paint sealant is the durability. Polymer-based sealants will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Acrylic sealants, like Klasse, last up to a year. The latest technology in liquid polymers allows paint sealants to closely replicate the gloss and depth of a carnauba, and the finish lasts longer.

Enthusiasts who want the long-lasting protection of a sealant and the warmth of carnauba put a carnauba “topper” over a base layer of sealant. This combination gives the paint dazzle and defense – the best of both worlds.

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