Prince of Wales Chamois

Prince of Wales ChamoisA premium imported chamois for outstanding drying and shining.

Man has yet to improve upon nature’s best drying material. A sheepskin chamois is still the softest, most luxurious material you can use to dry and buff your vehicle. The very best chamois come from England where the leather tanning is something of an art. The split hides are tanned with 100% cod oil, which gives the leather its unparalleled softness and absorbency. Once you feel the genuine sheepskin Prince of Wales Chamois, you’ll never want to use an ordinary towel again!

You’ll love drying your vehicle once you get your hands on one of these chamois. If you can imagine how soft a lambskin jacket feels – this is even softer. It pampers your paint and your skin while you dry or buff. In addition to the supple texture, The Prince of Wales chamois is rich in the smell of genuine leather. Using this chamois is a real feast for your senses.

Your vehicle will have an unmistakable glow after a gentle buffing with the Prince of Wales Chamois. Because processed leather is essentially hollow, it pulls contaminants into its core and away from your paint to prevent scratching. Dry and buff your paint and glass to a beautiful shine without swirls or scratches.

The Prince of Wales Chamois is of the finest grade according to the British standards for chamois. This chamois comes in 3 sizes: 2.5 square feet, 3.5 square feet, and 4.5 square feet. The larger size is perfect for drying your vehicle. Use the smaller chamois to polish wood furniture.

Prior to using your chamois, wash it in warm water and mild soap. Let it air dry out of direct sunlight. Follow this same procedure when your chamois becomes soiled. Store your chamois in a sealed plastic bag when not in use. Keep in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. With proper care, your Prince of Wales Chamois will outlast any terry cloth towel.

Use your chamois dry or slightly damp with water. It is not made for use with cleaning products.

For a truly sensuous detailing experience, use the Prince of Wales Chamois to dry and buff your vehicle. Both you and your vehicle will appreciate the genuine leather experience!

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