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Rubber & VinylYour vehicle’s windows focus heat and ultraviolet light on your dashboard, instrument panels, and seats like a magnifying glass. Prolonged, daily exposure will discolor, dry out, and crack vinyl and rubber. If left unchecked, your interior may suffer irreversible damage. Don’t neglect one of your biggest investments – clean and protect your interior rubber and vinyl surfaces with our extensive selection of products.

Your exterior trim not only contends with the sun, it also faces daily exposure to acid rain, dirt, tar, and bird droppings. It needs strong protection to keep it looking great next to your paint.

You will find that these products offer UV protection, rejuvenating moisture, and an attractive glow to your vinyl and rubber. We are proud to offer products you may be familiar with as well as products that may be new to you. Protect your vehicle inside and out so it stays clean, fresh, and beautiful for the life of your vehicle.

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My preferred auto wax, Collinite, is not as widely avaiable as I'd like (obviously, I have to order it on-line). Superior always has it in stock, and ships it well ... read more

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