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Swirl Removers & Polishes

Swirl Removers & PolishesSwirls, spider-webbing, scratches – whatever you call them, you are probably familiar with the faint lines that appear in your paint finish where light hits your vehicle. These marks are most often caused by washing or drying your vehicle with a dirty towel or mitt. They can also be caused by automatic car washes with the large brushes that attack your vehicle from all sides.

The risk of swirl marks can be lessened with proper car care techniques but there’s no way to completely prevent them. Even the most meticulous detailers see a swirl from time to time. But, you can remove swirls with the right products and accessories.

Swirl removers are polishes specifically designed to eliminate these tiny scratches to restore the smooth shine to your vehicle’s paint. They are available in different levels of abrasiveness. Some utilize chemical cleaners to help remove dead paint. Some require a polisher but many can be applied by hand.

Assess your vehicle’s swirls and then come to Superior to find a solution. All the information you need is right here so you can make an informed design on how to care for your vehicle.

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