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Bug & Tar Removal

Bug & Tar Removal  Of all the things that hit your paint, bugs and tar have to be the worst. These sticky substances cling to your clear coat and usually can’t be removed just by washing. If you leave them in your paint, they can eat away at the clear coat and allow contaminants to penetrate to the undercoats.

To combat the stickiest contaminants, Superior offers products specially formulated to dissolve bug splatter, tar, and sap so that your paint is clean and clear. If you’re more of a hands-on detailer, choose from the 2-in-1 wash mitt, or the Safe Scrub Pad. These items pull sticky stuff out of your paint by force, without scratching the clear coat. If you want to prevent these problems altogether, consider a front end bra to keep contaminants off your bumper and hood.

Bugs, tar, and sap are unfortunate realities of the road, but proper removal will keep your paint looking great in the long run.

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