WEATHERSHIELD HPAn outdoor, everyday use car cover that holds its color!

Weathershield HP is the latest innovation in the Weathershield line of premium car cover fabrics. Car covers are no longer just for dust protection; this cover blocks out everything that threatens your finish with patented encapsulation technology. Think of it as a soft body of armor for your vehicle.

Each thread is encapsulated with polymers to block out water and pollutants.WeatherShield HP, uses the patented EPIC by Nextec encapsulation process, originally developed for high performance outdoor sportswear. Their proprietary technology uses precision and controlled placement of special polymers to make ordinary fabrics extraordinary! This encapsulation process places an ultra-thin film around the fabric fibers and precisely places a durable, breathable barrier within the woven polyester fabric to complete the high performance finish process.

Nextec engineers have now married solution-dyed fibers to the EPIC finish in an environmentally friendly process that features much lower CO2 emissions! Also called "dope-dyeing" the high-performance polyamide fibers require no dyeing after weaving, saving water and energy consumption and slashing wastewater, a byproduct of traditional surface dye processing. Using solution-dyed fibers can save as much as 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of fabric produced! The Weathershield HP is the eco-friendly car cover! Color permanency is the key to the new WeatherShield HP - the color is extruded INSIDE the fibers for maximum fade resistance, NOT a surface dye coating. The result is a cover that's provides all-weather protection, machine washable, fade resistant AND environmentally friendly!

The WeatherShield is lightweight and easy to handle.This magnified photo gives you an idea how the encapsulation coats the fibers and fills the voids between the threads with a breathable barrier to assure moisture, dust and pollutants are kept away from the vehicles finish. The base, high-strength, polyester fabric is naturally UV resistant, but UV inhibitors have been added to the polymers to help slow-down the degradation that occurs naturally on anything exposed to sun for an extended period of time.

Despite all its strength and durability, the Weathershield HP is light and easy to handle. When not in use, it folds into a compact size so you can store it anywhere. Clean your cover in the washer and dryer when it gets dirty. Easy storage and care paired with outstanding protection equals the Weathershield HP car cover.

The Weathershield HP cover has a 4 year warranty to go along with its durable construction and excellent protective properties.

For any weather conditions, inside storage, outside storage, long term or short term, the Weathershield HP is the car cover that does it all.

Covercraft began as a two-person operation in California in 1965, making custom car covers. Today, Covercraft employs over 400 people and their catalogue of custom patterns has grown to over 55,000. Using technologically advanced fabrics from Sunbrella and Kimberly Clark, plus many traditional fabrics, Covercraft continues to produce the highest quality car covers on the market. You can expect Covercraftsmanship in every Covercraft car cover!

If it has wheels, Covercraft can cover it!

WeatherShield HP at a glance.Advantages:
  • Weatherproof and Waterproof - Fabric sheds water as soon as it hits the cover.
  • Superior Dry Time - Because the fabric sheds moisture it has an absorption factor of only 2%, compared with up to 40% for standard woven and non-woven fabrics. That means, if the cover has been sitting out in the rain you only need to shake it and the residue moisture will easily dry, in the trunk or on the car.
  • Breathable - Allows any heat or condensation under the cover to easily escape.
  • UV Resistant - Special additives prevent UV degradation and protect the vehicles finish and interior.
  • Dust-proof - Patented fiber encapsulation process prevents dust from filtering through the fabric.
  • Scratch-less - Polymers provide a silky smooth finish to the fabric and provide superior paint protection. Nextec fabric has been tested at 1,000 cycles on abrasion wheels without scratching (surface must be clean and waxed).
  • Durable - The encapsulation process is not affected by heat or cold and the process won't degrade over the life of the fabric.
  • Easy Care - Unlike non-woven fabrics you can clean most car-size WeatherShield covers in your HOME washer and dryer. The WeatherhShield is one of Covercraft’s most compact car covers.
  • Packs Small & Light - All this protection in a lightweight package that packs into 1/4 to 1/2 the volume of multi-layer, non-woven fabrics.
  • Double stitched overlapped seams
  • Neoprene elastic hems – the elastic in the front and rear hems helps hold the cover in place
  • Reinforced, non-scratch grommets – use a tie-down rope (supplied) or a vinyl coated cable and lock (optional)

    Antenna openings – All Covercraft covers are made to fit vehicles with retractable antennas. If your vehicle does not have a retractable or removable antenna, you will need to cut a small opening in the fabric. Call us at 1-800-215-4460 and we will include an antenna grommet with your cover at no extra charge.

    Mirror pockets – Patterns for vehicles manufactured before 1965 may not include mirror pockets. In some cases, the cover will fit over the mirrors without pockets. If you need mirror pockets, they can be included but they will not be sewn into the cover. Call us for details. This applies to some pre-1965 models only.

    Cleaning Instructions - For general cleaning, spray off the cover with the water hose while it is on the vehicle. Allow it to air dry. To spot clean stains, spray the spot with Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner. Agitate the spot lightly with a sponge and rinse.

    You can wash the WeatherShield HP cover in most home washing machines. Use powder laundry detergent and wash on normal or permanent press. Do not use bleach or hot water to wash your car cover. Dry the cover on permanent press or lay it over your vehicle to air dry.

    The WeatherShield HP car cover is available in 8 colors: Choose from eight attractive colors.

    For added security, add the Car Lock & Cable to your purchase. The cable is vinyl-coated so as to thread through the grommets without scratching.

    When you are not using the cover, fold it up and tuck it away in the Car Cover Storage Bag, available at the bottom of the page.

    Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. This item ships from the manufacturer via ground service only. Expedited and international shipping are not available.

    Custom Weathershield HP Covers -starting at $275.00

    click here to find your WEATHERSHIELD HP part number

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