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Wenol Metal PolishesWenol is a brand that is just as common in kitchens as it is in garages. It was developed in Germany over 30 years ago and still remains one of the best polishes you can use on hard, uncoated metals. Everyone from antique dealers to the U.S. military uses Wenol to remove tarnish and rust, and bring out a sparkling shine on a variety of metal items. Wenol is used in households worldwide to clean cookware and utensils. The Air Force uses it to clean the leading edge of fighter aircraft. Antique buyers and sellers use Wenol to uncover the true value of aged metal pieces. There is little this metal polish can’t do.

Red Wenol is the original. It is designed to clean and preserve bare metal while producing an impressive shine. Wenol works hard to remove heavy oxidation and tarnish from brass, copper, chrome, aluminum, pewter, stainless steel, and enamel.

Blue Wenol is intended for enhancing shine and protecting the metal from corrosion and water spotting. After you’ve removed blemishes with red Wenol, use blue Wenol to refine the look. Blue Wenol is a soft polish and can be used on silver and gold plated surfaces. Use it on plated interior auto trim for beautiful results. It contains no toxic or acidic ingredients and is safe on coated metals.

Wenol is one of the most trusted and widely used metal polishes on the market because it really works. Use it on motorcycle components, cookware, metal wheels and trim, and almost any other metal surface to restore the original shine.

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