Wheel Brushes

Wheel BrushesSturdy feathered brushes for all kinds of wheels.

Thorough cleaning of your wheels and tires is as simple as having the right tools. These bright green brushes are just what you need.

Your tires and wheels become coated in all sorts of dirt, grime, brake dust, and tar. Wheel cleaners are not always enough to break up baked-on road grime. Even one-step cleaners often recommend agitating the formula with a brush. We think these are the brushes the manufacturers had in mind. With sturdy, feathered bristles, these brushes are tough enough to break up stubborn tar but gentle enough to use on coated wheels. Both are made with a non-slip plastic handle packed full of 2” long synthetic fibers. The bristles are acid and alkaline resistant so don’t be afraid of using your strongest wheel cleaner. Even with regular use, these brushes will last for years and years.

The shorter brush has a 5” handle with a full length of 8 ½”. When you need to concentrate on a particularly tough spot, the shorter handle allows you to focus all your pressure on the brush’s head. The long, 20” brush is great for general cleaning because you don’t have to squat or bend over to reach the wheel. Move your hand closer to the head for more aggressive scrubbing.

When you’re finished cleaning your wheels and tires, rinse the brushes out and allow them to air dry. They both have a hole at the ends of the handles to hang the brushes conveniently out of the way.

We recommend using Pinnacle Clear Coat Safe Wheel Cleaner for easy cleaning of tires and wheels. These brushes will enhance the performance of any cleaner and give you beautifully clean tires and wheels.

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